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How do you separate gases for contaminant removal or CO2 capture? Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is frequently more economical and energy-efficient than the alternatives of absorption in liquids or cryogenic separations. Adsorbent materials are generally characterized by their adsorption isotherms and breakthrough experiments, but developing a continuous and stable cyclic separation process in real life entails detailed process characterization over an extended period of cycle testing.

We have worked on adsorptive separations of gases and vapors since the inception of this technology in the 1970s. We offer customized laboratory- and pilot-scale instrumentation for process research on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) (including vacuum, VPSA) and temperature swing adsorption (TSA). Our humidity and vapor generators are widely used in academia, industry, and government labs in the US and internationally, either integrated with our PSA systems or as stand-alone systems for applications such as maintaining indoor air quality.

We offer consulting to help clients develop gas separation processes and test adsorbent materials, and we have a fully equipped lab in Hialeah (Greater Miami), Florida, where we perform adsorbent materials testing (adsorption isotherm measurements, breakthrough measurements, PSA cycle testing).

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