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L&C Science and Technology

Your source for Instrumentation, Testing Systems, Consulting and Testing Services for Materials Evaluations R&D.

Specializing in Pressure Swing Adsorption Studies, Humidity Generation and Gas Separation Processes, offering years of instrument development expertise, manufacturing capability and technical consulting services for academic, industrial and government laboratories.

We have a depth of experience in PSA and VSA studies, humidity generation and gas separation processes and offer both standard and customized products in these areas of study to meet your laboratory testing requirements.

About L&C

L&C Science and Technology, located in Hialeah, Florida, is an company founded in 2009 to advance the design and manufacture of instruments and testing systems for research and development applications in the field of materials evaluations.

Over the years prior to launching L&C, our scientific and engineering staff has created innovative products for the academic, industrial and government laboratory with a focus on pressure swing adsorption studies, humidity generation and gas separation processes.

Led by our Director of Research, Dr. Agustin F. Venero, L&C Science and Technology provides an extraordinary depth of experience in instrumentation design, manufacturing, product application, field installation and follow-on technical servicing. Personally, Dr. Venero also offers his expertise in the form of Consulting Services for special applications related to L&C’s areas of technical specialization.

In addition to offering our range of standard products, L&C actively seeks opportunities to work with researchers to provide custom solutions to leading-edge measurement and testing applications. Custom-designed equipment and expert consulting and testing services are available via L&C for this purpose.

Company Portrait

Led by Dr. Agustin F. Venero, the depth of experience of the L&C Staff reaches back to,

1984-1989 Development of Omicron Corporation (Berkeley Heights, NJ) Created innovative instruments and analyzers for the field of chemisorption and surface area measurement. The company was acquired by Coulter Instruments in 1989.

1990-2008 Founded VTI Corporation (Hialeah, FL) Innovated in the field of gravimetric and volumetric adsorption analyzers, high-pressure/high-temp adsorption analyzers and RH generators. VTI Corporation was the pioneer in a broad range of adsorption technologies and was acquired by TA Instruments in 2008.

2009 Founded L&C Science and Technology (Hialeah, FL) L&C was established to focus on the development of new instruments and testing systems for PSA and VSA studies, gas separation, permeation and humidity generation applications.

L&C Science and Technology is proud to continue the Omicron and VTI legacies of excellence in scientific innovation and product development.

News and Events

L&C and Porotec joined to participated at the FNL event with Poster Presentation Laboratory-Sized PSA/VSA Instrument for Screening Adsorbents for CH4 Upgrading the poster was presented by J. Adolphs from Porotec GmbH, and A. Venero from L&C Science