PSA-1000 System Series

The new Series of PSA-1000 Systems provides flexible and complete dual-bed laboratory testing apparatus for Pressure and Vacuum Swing Adsorption studies. All levels of gas separation R&D can be accomplished for adsorbate bed volumes ranging from 150cc to 3500cc.

The Model PSA-300LC is a low-capacity, Pressure Swing Adsorption testing instrument designed for research studies where only extremely small sample volumes are available… all forms of gas separation R&D are possible, including use of the PSA-300LC for single-bed testing.


Automated, bench-top Relative Humidity Generator provides precision air/nitrogen flows with computer-controlled RH for use with analytical instruments such as X-Ray Diffractometers, TGA, TMA and more. Compact design meets all CE standards.


Compact, bench-top Humidity Generator provides preset air/nitrogen flows with adjustable relative humidity for use with X-Ray Diffractometers, TGA, TMA and more.

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