PSA Bench-Top Testing System Series

Customizable for all levels of dual-bed, gas separation R&D


The new expanded Series of PSA-1000 Systems represents the only commercially available dual-bed R&D testing apparatus for materials and process evaluations for gas separation studies.

Each PSA-1000 Bench-Top System is fully automated and provides innovative hardware and software for handling the most complex PSA studies with ease of operation, flexibility and safety.

  • PSA-1000 Bench-Top Testing Panel with footprint 25-1/2” wide by 24” deep.
  • Separate Bench-Top Control Cabinet has 26-1/4” wide by 16-1/2” deep footprint.

General Description

L&C’s PSA-1000 Testing Systems are customizable to broad ranges of gas flow rate and adsorbate bed size to meet your specific requirements, come with expert installation/training support and carry a one-year warranty. These R&D Testing Systems offer L&C’s unique hardware configuration and proprietary software which simplify all levels of gas separation evaluations. Automated testing is provided over wide ranges of gas flow, temperature, pressure and vacuum, enabling the researcher to effectively and efficiently explore the complex “experimental matrix” of PSA and VSA studies.

The PSA System handles materials evaluations for activated carbons, zeolites, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), molecular sieve materials and more… and is especially effective for mixed-bed testing applications and the study of adsorbate poisoning and critical time-cycling.

System design and materials of construction permit the evaluation of all types of gases and adsorbate materials for chemical, petrochemical, gas purification and energy-related applications in academic, industrial and government R&D laboratory settings.

PSA-1000 Series Specifications

Customizable Design Features of the PSA-1000 Series

Based on application, various bed diameters are available. Bed diameter can range from 1” to 2” dia. to provide gas flow rate ranges down to 1 – 25 liters/min and up to 5 – 700 liters/min.

Based on application, various bed heights are available to provide required bed volume. Examples: Bed height as low 18” for a 1” diameter system provides approx. bed volume down to 150cc…while bed height of 72” for a 2” diameter provides approx. bed volume up to 3500cc.

Common Features of all PSA-1000 Models

Pressure range up to 1200psia (83 bars) with controlled vacuum testing down to .1 Torrs and general vacuum functions for desorbing of materials.

Experimental temperature range is 5°C to 60°C with fully automated drying cycles to 375°C.

Precision temperature and pressure/vacuum control provided by system’s software.

Complete computer system provides all needed proprietary L&C software for broad range of PSA and VSA gas separation protocols.

Optional custom monitoring systems include gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, etc.

Custom PSA Systems

A broad range of customizable PSA-1000 Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems are available to meet your specific testing requirements.

  • Based on your application, L&C’s series of PSA-1000 custom systems can provide various bed diameters ranging from 1” to 2” dia. to provide gas flow rate ranges as low as 1 to 25 liters/min and as high as 5 to 700 liters/min. Special designs are also available for gas flow rates as low as 0.5 liters/min for critical testing applications.
  • Based on your application, various bed heights are available to provide bed volumes required for your specific needs. As examples: A bed height as low 18” for a 1” diameter system provides approximate bed volume down to 150cc…while a bed height of 72” for a 2” diameter provides approximate bed volume up to 3500cc. Special designs are also available for handling especially low bed volumes within a given bed diameter by bed height configuration in order to satisfy critical applications.
  • All of the common design features of the PSA-1000 as described above are employed within any of our customized systems.
  • A complete computer system, customized as needed, provides proprietary L&C software for your special PSA and VSA protocols.

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