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Laboratory Testing Services For Adsorption Studies

L&C provides Testing Services for adsorption studies, offering a broad range of experimental capabilities and detailed, expert analyses, especially in the areas of PSA, VSA and TSA.

Expert, confidential consultation is also available regarding application assessments, experimental design, protocol development and post-testing advice to support the R&D scientist.

PSA, VSA and TSA testing services are provided using L&C’s unique Testing Systems – the Model PSA-300LC for materials-research-oriented small sample evaluations and the Model PSA-1000 for larger sample evaluations with a focus on process development.

  • A broad range of adsorbate gases and adsorbent materials
  • Operating pressures up to 83 bars
  • Operating temperatures from 5°C to 60°C with automatic drying cycles to 375°C
  • Sample sizes as low as 2cc and up to 300cc
  • Flow rates as low as 100cc/min and up to 5 liters/min are available
  • Breakthrough curves can be provided for single gases or blends of gases
  • Cycle optimization based on pressurization, gas feed rates, pressure equalization, purging, and blow down.

Adsorption Isotherm testing capability is offered

  • A broad range of adsorbate gases and adsorbent materials are available
  • Operating pressures up to 20 bars
  • Operating temperatures from -20°C to 350°C with automatic drying cycles to 375°C

L&C will customize any of these adsorption analyses to meet your specific testing requirements, provide fast turn-around times and deliver detailed reports. Expert data interpretation and consulting services are also available.

For a confidential assessment of your contract testing requirements, please email us at sales@landcscience.com with details about your adsorption application. We will promptly provide a specific contract testing quotation to meet your needs.

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