HG-100 Relative Humidity Generator


HG-100 Compact, bench-top relative humidity Generator providing air/nitrogen flows with adjustable RH for use with X-Ray Diffractometers, TGA, TMA and more.

The HG-100 has a footprint of only 9″ wide x 13″ deep and height of 9”.

General Description

The Model HG-100 Relative Humidity Generator is a compact, portable bench-top instrument which supplies a specified constant air or nitrogen flow rate with a manually preset relative humidity. The HG-100 easily integrates with a variety of target systems…laboratory instruments such as X-Ray Diffractometers, TGA, TMA, DMA, calorimeters and micro-calorimeters, as well as glove boxes and environmental chambers. Its unique design allows for convenient set-up and operation via simple manual procedures or optionally controlled by computer.

Additional optional features include a Remote Sensor to interface the HG-100 directly into the sample zone of the target instrument and a Heated Transfer Line, with adjustable temperature control, to eliminate condensation between the HG-100 and the receiving instrument.

HG-100 Specifications

  • Relative Humidity from 2% to 95% RH depending on temperature of receiving instrument, delivered with accuracy of ±2.0%
  • Standard HG-100 is offered with optional computer, providing Lab Windows software from National Instruments. Software allows for user defined protocols with steps in temperature and relative humidity
  • Dew Point Temperature from 0.2°C to 40°C with option to 85°C
  • Optional Remote RH Sensor can be used with computer to monitor target instrument, recording the delivered %RH and temperature through the HG-100 software
  • HG-100’s humidifier is manually preset to generate the output gas dew point temperature corresponding to the desired %RH at target instrument. Unit is factory calibrated using NIST traceable dew point analyzer
  • Optional Heated Transfer Lines available for 110 or 220 volts, 1 or 2 meters long, complete with heater, thermocouple and temperature controller
  • Standard flow rate is 500 cc/min with optional ranges up to 1 liter/min

Custom HG Generators

The Model HG-100 Relative Humidity Generator serves as the basis for a range of customized HG generators to meet your specific requirements.

  • All of the unique design principles of the HG-100 are employed within our customized generators.
  • For custom HG generators, Relative Humidity range can be as low as 2% to as high as 98% RH, depending on temperature of receiving instrument, delivered with accuracy of ±2.0%RH. (Standard HG-100 has Relative Humidity range from 2% to 95% RH.)
  • For custom HG generators, Dew Point can range from 0.2°C to 90°C. (Standard HG-100 has Dew Point range from 0.2°C to 40°C.)
  • For custom HG generators, flow rates can be up to 10 liters/min. (Standard HG-100 provides flow rates up to 1 liter/min. using standard flow rate options.)

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